Moadon – Members’ Clubhouse



1970 – this building was constructed for the original IDF heachzut (holding) base

1973 – Kibbutz Ketura was established

1973-1974 – the aspaka (local store) was located in a small building next to this moadon

1977-1981 – the moadon served as a synagogue until the merkaz building was built

1994 – the moadon was remodeled

2012 – the deck of the moadon was constructed


The story

When Kibbutz Ketura was first established, the moadon was used for public gatherings and asephot (general assembly meetings), and children were not allowed to enter. When children reached the age of 18 there was a small ceremony of receiving a symbolic key to the moadon. Today children of all ages are allowed to enter the moadon. Over the years Kibbutz Ketura has hosted many prestigious people and the moadon was the official hall for these visits. These guests include Israeli leaders such as Yitzchak Navon, Yitchak Rabin, and Shimon Peres.

The original aspaka (local store) was located on the western side of the moadon and on Friday each member received a bottle of cola and a bar of chocolate for Shabbat.

Today the moadon is used for gatherings, social events, meetings, and more.

Bar Mitzvah Class 2019-2020