The Communal Laundry

The building which eventually became the communal laundry was established in 1975. The year after it was built it served as the living quarters for temporary residents from the youth movement Young Judea. For a short time, the building also served as a piano room and a library.

In 1977 the building was converted into a room where members could come to pick up their clean laundry. Unlike people who live in cities and have their own washing machines, on the kibbutz, residents send their dirty clothes to a central laundromat. Each garment is marked with the number of its owner, and after being washed, is folded in the laundry room, where it waits to be collected.

In addition to the expense and impracticalities of owning a private washing machine, the service that the communal laundry provided allowed people to focus on their jobs and their families.

Today, many families own their own washing machine, but those who choose can still use the laundry services which not only includes cleaning one’s garments but also includes clothing repairs, and the exchange of clothing between children as well.

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