Kibbutz Ketura accepts healthy young people (mostly, but not all, Jewish, single, ages 18-30) able to do physical work as required for AT LEAST 3 months.

While we are not a "religious" kibbutz, our dining room is kosher/shomer shabbat and we have an traditional egalitarian minyan on Shabbatot & holidays. 

Work is assigned according to the needs of the kibbutz - mostly services (dining room, laundry, kitchen)

Volunteers who speak Hebrew & are here for an extended period of time including the summer vacation, may work with the children of the kibbutz.

In addition, we operate the “Algatech” algae factory & "Keren Kolot" seminar center/hotel here on Ketura, which often needs help especially during the summer (largely physical: cleaning rooms, setting up campfires & pool activities with groups, etc) You can “see” us in person at

Before you arrive in Israel, you MUST register on line to volunteer via the Kibbutz Program Center:

  •  All relevant information about requirements, visa, fees, and mandatory health insurance are on the KPC website. YOU MUST APPLY TO VOLUNTEER AT LEAST 1 MONTH BEFORE ENTERING ISRAEL, OR YOU MAY NOT RECEIVE THE MANDATORY VISA.
  • The cost to register (including 3 months insurance and a 3 month volunteer visa) is around $250 US. The visa & insurance can be extended for a further 3 months for an additional fee, for a total of up to 1 year as a volunteer.
  • When you arrive in Tel Aviv, you will go to the KPC office at 13 Leonardo DaVinci St. in Tel Aviv (open Sun -Thurs 8:30 – 14:00) You will pay the fees at this time, & they will take your passport to the Interior Ministry & arrange health insurance for you. THIS IS MANDATORY.
  • On Ketura, we will cover "ambulatory" care (nurse/doctor visits) but prescription medication is at your expense.


  • Volunteers work 8 hours/day, 6 days/week (Sunday through Friday)
  • In addition to the money for fees, you should bring AT LEAST $300 in cash or travelers checks when you come to Israel
  • You must put down a $100 room deposit (returned when you leave) and have some spending money - an international ATM card is a good idea  – however, the closest ATM to Ketura is in either at Yotvata snack bar (10 minutes by bus) or in Eilat, about 45 minutes away
  • Be advised  to bring all prescription medications & eye-care products (spare pair of glasses) as they are more costly in Israel. Also, the current here is 220 (as opposed to 110 in the states/Canada) so you will need a converter for any electrical appliances

Volunteers receive:

  • room, board (3 X meals per day, in the kibbutz dining room)
  • a small stipend (about 100$ month) 
  • work clothes & linens
  • laundry service
  • use of the pool (in season), tennis, football pitch & basketball court
  • access to the local nurse & doctor if necessary
  • 3 days off per month in addition to Shabbat & Jewish holidays
  • Monthly tiyulim (field trips) in the area.

Volunteers live 2-3 per room, in a flat with a shared kitchenette/shower with another 2-3 volunteers

Volunteers have access to computers in the library during the afternoon/evening hours. In addition,  the area of the volunteer rooms has wireless "ethernet"  so if you have a laptop you may want to bring it with you

There is a fully outfitted weight room on a neighboring kibbutz that volunteers can use for a monthly fee of 150 NIS

There is a payphone that you can arrange for people to call you at designated times, or they can leave messages for you at my office phone: 972-8-635-6434. However, a cell phone is probably the most convenient option. There are many providers of "pay as you go" plans, some of them include data.

Hope to hear from you!


Volunteer coordinator, Kibbutz Ketura 

Aliza Strenger
Volunteer coordinator

email : [email protected]
cellphone : 972-8-635-6434

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