A home for life for adults with special needs on Kibbutz Ketura

We are very happy to announce that the Ministry of Social Services and the organization “Ami” recently agreed that the organization will establish and operate a home for life “Together in the Arava” on Kibbutz Ketura in the Hevel Eilot Regional Council. This decision is the final step in a seven year process that was led by a task force make up of representatives of the Social Services office of Hevel Eilot and the Eilat municipality, parents, and professionals who worked in order to move this much needed project forward.


This home is a necessary solution for adults with special needs from the area who until now have had to find solutions to live outside their parents’ home by going to other areas in the country.  The existence of a home in the kibbutz will allow the residents to be integrated into the regular community.  The residents of the home will be part of the Hevel Eilot community and will enjoy the opportunity for appropriate work, various alternative health treatments options, the regional health services, and social life including cultural activities and recreation.

Who is this for?

The home is defined for various disabilities. The population invited to apply to live in the home includes mostly people with rehabilitation needs along with people with developmental and cognitive disabilities and those with diagnosis along the autism spectrum, with preference given to people from within the region of the Arava or from Eilat. The acceptance committee from “Ami” will conduct the selection of candidates on the basis of the candidate’s level of functioning together with the requests of the “vadat hasama” of the Ministry Social Services.

Age Range

The home is intended for adults ages 21 to 35.


Shari Nitzan

The Department of Social Services, Hevel Eilot

Aguda "Ami"

The Organization for the Care of People with Cognitive and Developmental Disabilities (also called Intellectual Disabilities)

The “Ami” Organization is a certified NGO. The activity is focused on the implementation of the Israeli Law which defines that anyone diagnosed with cognitive or developmental disabilities is entitled to lifelong funding to cover all residential expenses. The Israeli law’s definition for the treatment and care for a disabled person is thought to be very advanced and humane. Still there is a need to nurture the framework in order to ensure the contents of life for the residents beyond housing and to allow a high quality framework for the implementation of the law.

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