Heachzut ("pre kibbutz military settlement")



1970 – construction of the living quarters

1973 – establishment of Kibbutz Ketura

1973 - 1974 – Units used as homes for Ketura members

1974 - until today – home for temporary residents.

1974-1975 – first baby house

1994 – 2008 – veterinary clinic in unit Bet-1.


The name of the neighborhood “the heachzut” is left over from the period before the establishment of the kibbutz when it was an IDF military base. This army outpost consisted of these living quarters along with the office buildings, the small army dining room (which has been expanded and remodeled over the years), the Members’ Moadon (clubhouse), and the first two bomb shelters.

The living quarters consist of units with two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small kitchenette. When Kibbutz Ketura was first founded, these units were assigned to members. Couples lived in one bedroom, sharing the unit with another couple. Singles lived two to a room. The right to have a single room to oneself came only after a number of years of membership. Today these same quarters house the temporary population of the kibbutz.

In 1974 the first baby of the kibbutz was born, and thus the first baby house was established in the room next to the parents.

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